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Geolocation Solution

The COVMO solution, based on the algorithm of calculating subscriber location based on the analysis of call trace data from the OSS system, developed by GroundHog, a US firm, ANT Group is a key partner in integration distribution.

The solution has been implemented and has received high praise from a number of big carriers in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia. With state-of-the-art features the solution has supported the operations department in a variety of tasks such as replacing the traditional system in optimizing the wireless network, being the input to the customer experience system, serving for intelligent marketing system.

Spectrum Effect solution

Spectrum Effect’s radio interference analysis solution is one of the pioneering solutions in the application of AI technology to analyze RAN OSS data of network operators to detect and identify sources of interference in radio networks. With more than 30 patents, Spectrum Effect’s solution is groundbreaking and basically solves the problem of identifying interference sources in carriers’ radio networks. The solution applies AI technology to automatically detect and identify noise sources, based on analyzing huge data blocks from RAN OSS. The analytical solution applies simultaneously to millions of cells.

With the solution of Spectrum Effect, ANT Group is an integration and distribution partner in Vietnam, customers will receive effective assistance in operating and improving network quality.

Customer Experience Management Solution (CEM)

As a solution developed by Niometric, ANT Group is a distribution and integration partner in Vietnam market. The foundation of the solution is to evaluate customer experience based on technical data analyzed from the network’s raw data sources such as RAN, Core, billing data, applications…. With CEM of Niometric carriers can assess the experience of all its subscribers to predict and have specific strategies to care and retain customers. With the basic architecture of NCore system, it allows Nio-metric system capable of analyzing data up to 100 Gbps, the ability to process data up to 10 PB / day, classification rate reached 99%.

High resolution digital map solution

Restec is one of the leading 2D and 3D digital map suppliers in the world – ANT Group is a distribution and deployment partner in Vietnam market. With a large number of satellites and the ability to analyze and process images, Restec has provided telecom customers with high-resolution products used to simulate the transmission environment, thereby building a network with effective coverage.


The radio antenna equipment of Tong Yu, ANT Group is a distribution and deployment partner in Vietnam, is highly appreciated by carriers all over the world for its stability and good price. With more than 2,000,000 active antennas worldwide, Tong Yu is gradually asserting its position. With many flexible, convenient coverage solutions adapted to different environments and terrains, ANT Group is cooperating with Tong Yu to introduce to operators in Vietnam with unique antenna solutions to cover the black hole area due to difficulties in renting station location.