Bạn cần hỗ trợ?

Every big business needs a human resource with expertise in Big Data, advanced storage, management, processing, and data analysis infrastructure, and skills – solutions – technology – Big Data data analysis application. ANT Group has been building capability in solutions and human resources that can participate in collecting, processing, synthesizing and analyzing data; application of advanced technologies Big Data is capable of providing services, solutions and applications of data to units and businesses.


ANT Group has invested resources in technical systems for Big Data research and development, especially for people and the orientation to receive technology, research, development and cooperation with leading partners about many specialized fields around Big Data technology such as:

• Geo-location (determine location)
• Digital Image Processing (image processing)
• GIS – Geographic Information System (digital map)
• Big Spatial Data / BSVD – Big Spatial Vector Data (processing vector data about geography, space, environment)
• Digital / Mobile Internet Advertisement (digital advertising)
• Marketing / Audience Data (processing customer data set)
• CEM – Customer Experience Management (processing customer experience data) …

The above solutions both allow ANT Group to take a leap forward in technology trends, and allow the ANT Group’s team to continuously cultivate and absorb advanced technology and knowledge solutions from experts leading in the world, from which the application, deployment and reasonable development.

Intergration and Service

1. In the direction of open source: Hadoop, Casandra, Apache Spark, Kafka … with the ability to consult, deploy, integrate, develop, customize systems, Big Data applications according to any order of customer from the open source system.

2. In the direction of professional solutions of the world’s leading suppliers of data analysis and analysis services such as IBM, Oracle, Cloudra … with the ability of consulting, designing, deploying and integrating data. , provide support services, maintain and operate Big Data system according to the available solutions of suppliers.

3. Develop the ability to provide data services and analyze big data on cloud computing DaaS (Data as a Service), BDAaaS (Big Data Analytics as a Service).

Data Science and develop use case / data models

ANT Group has built close relationships with many research centers and laboratories (data science labs) of many research organizations and major universities with the purpose of attracting research human resources. Combined with ANT Group’s human resources, it enables the ability to master a wide range of data analysis models, use case / data models at a deep level, with the ability to customize, understand and refine any customer demand.