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Telecom Infrastructure implementation

Accompany with the development of network operators from the early stages. ANTGroup has been involved in building network infrastructure since the first years of telecommunication development in Vietnam. With the experience of building thousands of telecommunication stations across the country, ANT Group’s engineers and workers are confident to be able to deploy the project in the most complex terrains.

With specific construction characteristics, but the dispersed nature in many different areas, the implementation of building base tations in telecommunications is very complex and requires high organization. With its experience and team, ANTGroup is confident to be able to meet the most demanding requirements.

Installation and Intergration

ANT Group has experience in installing and integrating telecommunication equipment such as BTS, Node b, Microwave for tens of thousands of sites of all network operators in Vietnam and abroad. Experience gathered from hundreds of projects, large and small, has formed the most optimal standards for the project management team of ANTGroup.

With its management capacity and technical staff, ANT Group is capable of undertaking Turn key projects and deploying thousands of dispersion base stations in different areas simultaneously, while ensuring strict requirements of the quality and progress of the project.

Driving test, optimization and benchmarking services

ANT Group provides solutions and services to optimize the entire process in mobile communications including driving tests, coverage analysis, protocols, and recommendations to change network parameters to improve network quality KPI.

Consulting, providing telecom test solutions and services (EMC, service quality, customer experience, benchmarking)